I would like to describe my background and where I am coming from in my approach to healing work. Rather than presenting a traditional biography, here is my personal story in my own words…
I grew up in Germany and studied Medicine at the University of Aachen for about three years. I succeeded with the first major exam, called Physicum, and therefore carry the legal title of Candidatus Medicus ( Since my interest from early age was to practice healing in a holistic way, I felt that the medical system would not be the best way for me to follow my sincere desire to do true healing. I decided to learn meditation as a way to get in touch with the source of all healing, which I felt as universal Love or God within.

I moved to India first to learn meditation, and then to learn bodywork and applied Kinesiology, which was the beginning of my healing career.
From young age I had a sincere desire for enlightenment, and when I met my second teacher in India, who was known as Poonjaji, a direct disciple of Ramana Maharshi, I did have a breakthrough in my consciousness. Being in this Master’s presence was like burning away the confines of illusion and being bathed in the bliss of Divine Consciousness. I later became aware that my shift in consciousness was due to the entrainment of my consciousness within the field of the enlightenment of the Master and that I needed to integrate this shift of consciousness by doing transmutation work.

Upon returning to the USA, I worked on myself with several healing modalities, which I studied, became certified in, and now offer–such as Esogetic Colorpuncture as well as many other modalities that serve to integrate the emotional, physical, mental and subtle bodies. Therefore, it is due to my own path and research that I advocate what I call “Integrated Enlightenment,” a state where the nervous system as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and subconscious and DNA are healed from negative programming, trauma and imprints and integrated to be able to embody the spiritual energy of enlightenment. Another interest of mine has been to study the teachings of modern physics, which borders on mysticism and spirituality, as a way to understand the effects of consciousness in healing as well as the relationship of consciousness and matter. (more on this in the articles).

Currently I am a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles and continue to expand my ability to be of help with my services.

I have been in private healing practice in the USA for over 20 years.
I offer my healing services to spiritual seekers as well as to anyone who wants to heal any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue in a holistic way.
I live and work in Marin County close to San Francisco.