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Cellular Harmonics

Cellular Harmonics is a healing modality developed by Ursula-Maria Hanrahan. It is based on the healing properties of gem elixirs, the laying on of stones and gems, flower essences, homeopathic formulas and alchemical preparations of gem elixirs, plants and herbs as well as guidance on nutritional support with supplements.


With this modality we are addressing cellular imbalances that are the result of interacting with our environment as well as stress and conflict in our lives, the cellular memory of traumas or negative imprinting from our present life, our past, childhood, past lives and DNA. The uniqueness of this modality is Ursula-Maria’s ability to receive information from the Universal Source of knowledge and to create what is called a sequence of remedies which is addressing a cellular imbalance in regards to the five elements. This can be compared to a sentence that the body understands. This modality also facilitates evolutionary and spiritual development of our life’s expression. The application ranges from any physical imbalances to emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Cellular Harmonics and Detailed Explanantion

The best way to understand how Cellular Harmonics works is to describe how this modality is used during a session and how it was created. Ursula-Maria will explain this here along with links to scientific data in her own words:

The Soul and Oneness of God

The goal of Cellular Harmonics is to harmonize the cellular memory with the soul and thereby with Source, Love or God. My teacher Peter Mandel, who is the founder of Esogetic Colorpuncture, noted that all disease or imbalances are in essence a disharmony from the path of the soul. It will be become clear why I agree to this observation as more aspects of Cellular Harmonics are explained.
Glenda Green in her book “Love without End, Jesus speaks” some insight about the origin of the soul is shared and the following are the words by Jesus as recorded by Glenda Green:

“There was a time when you were one and complete with the source of Love. Love, however decided to give you immortality as Yourself and to grant you an identity of your own……You have been given eternal life in your own name.” (pg.78)

The soul is known during incarnation by the name given at birth. During a session I will ask the client to say their name and I will listen to the voice of the client and how the voice resonates from the body. If I say ” I am Ursula-Maria” and the voice resonates from inside the cells of my body, this means my body or cellular reality is connected to my soul. This can be verified also with Kinesiology: The sentence “I am Ursula-Maria” will test strong. In Cellular Harmonics we call this also Yin /Yang positive and interestingly this reality can be measured at the cell membrane. 

Cellular Memory and Yin/Yang Balance

How can the cellular memory or cellular Yin/yang balance be other than connected to the identity of our soul? The research by Cleve Backster documented in his book “Primary Perception” (www.primaryperception.com) describes how cells in plants as well in humans respond to stimuli from the environment. He has measured the cellular memory of plants with plant electrodes. He proves that if for example a violent act happens in the presence of a plant, the plant will remember the person who did the violent act and will “react to the person whenever the person enters the room.
The same happens with human cells in response to stress from the environment or stressful situations in all types of relationships and situations. If the stress has enough force, the cell will loose it’s Yin /Yang balance. If enough cells have altered their balance, the person’s cellular reality is not connected to the soul or in other words the body is driven by the altered memory more than by the soul.

The Voice as Indicator

Since I had mentioned the research of Cleve Backster I would like to mention that he also was an expert with the use of lie detectors. As the Director of the Keeler Polygraph Institute he worked for the CIA on interrogation tactics. The lie detector polygraph analyses the voice to distinguish a true from a false statement.
There are several sound healing systems where the sound therapist records the voice of the client and then analyses the graph of the frequencies from the voice. There is huge data that can be seen in this graph from details what nutrients are missing in the body to which organ or meridian is in imbalance and more. The more coherent the spectrum of frequencies is, the more is the balance of the client’s body. For more information on sound research go to www.biowaves.com
In short we can say that the voice reflects the cellular reality and therefore listening to the voice of my client is important in Cellular Harmonics. Usually my client can also hear when he or she is not on their identity (meaning Yin/Yang negative). When the client returns to Yin/Yang balance the feed-back that I usually get is that there is a feeling of clarity, as if a fog has lifted, more energy, more sense of well being, feeling more light.
The issue of Yin/Yang balance is actually quite complex. For example I can be in my identity, but one of my organs is not. For example if I say “This is the kidney of Ursula-Maria” and it does not resonate as a true statement, it means that there is cellular memory from an event causing fear (Kidneys are affected strongly by fear). If I then say “This is the kidney of Bob” and the statement is true, the cells remember a fearful event with Bob. The interesting thing to note here is the fact that after I made a sequence to take back the identity of my kidney in this example, the kidney then becomes available to detoxify and to rebuild its life-force. There are many levels of these Yin/yang imbalances. Not only the organs but any part of the body can loose it’s identity for example the senses, the teeth, the meridians, the endocrine glands etc. In fact I noted that those memories are locked into the body in what I would call causal chains. For example fear not only affects the Kidney, but also the brain, lymphatic system, the heart and more. Depending on the force of the fear and also depending whether this happens during childhood when the brain is still developing, there can be damaging effects on the brain structures such as the Hippocampus, limbic brain, frontal lobes etc. Good research in this field was done by Dr. Teicher at the McLean Hospital who researched four areas of the brain that are damaged by abuse and neglect:
To bring all of the cells back into harmony with the soul is actually complex but very rewarding as I have noted the changes to be permanent. As we clear up.the layers we will also access the cellular memory of the so-called past lives or karmic memories as well as DNA memories inherited from our ancestors. My way of bringing this complexity into simplicity is to connect my heart and mind with the Universal Intelligence of my Christ Self via Dowsing during the entire session and let this Intelligence guide all the complex steps during the sessions.