esogetic colorpuncture

Esogetic Colorpuncture

Esogetic Colorpuncture is a systematic and precise form of light therapy developed by German naturopath and researcher Peter Mandel. In this innovative healing system colored light from a light pen with different colored crystal attachments is used on acupuncture and other points on the body. 

After receiving a Diploma by the International Mandel Institute, Switzerland, in this form of light therapy Ursula-Maria has continued  further studies by taking many workshops with the founder Peter Mandel personally in Europe, learning the newest developments in this system of healing.

It is said in physics that light is information. In recent years, research on how cells communicate has been done primarily in Germany and is called Biophoton research. The most well known Biophysicist within this field of knowledge is Dr. Fritz Albert Popp. He has worked closely with Peter Mandel over many years, and this is what Dr Popp has to say about him:


“Peter Mandel is distinguished by an explosive mixture of imagination and realism. This is clearly revealed by his tireless investigation into the mysteries of therapy, by the development of models for understanding the organization of living structures and, last but not least, by his compassion for others and his strong commitment to helping those who are ill.”

Dr. Popp also verified the theory of Peter Mandel, that coherence of the Biophotons is a sign of health, while incoherent Biophotons is a sign of a disturbance in the body or subtle bodies. We can make this visible with Kirlian photography (click here to read the article on this subject). Dr Popp’s website is This website is in German; however, there are several articles by Dr. Popp available in English at:

The application of light facilitates the healthy exchange of information within the physical and subtle bodies as well as the unconscious and conscious to clear the energetic remnants of trauma by addressing the actual physics of cellular memory and to support the evolution of the individual and thereby facilitating health on all levels.

This light therapy also creates a “better flow” of personal insights, increased and more informative dreaming, and the release of old feelings, memories and thought patterns.
According to Peter Mandel, illness and pain are seen as signals that the individual may be blocked in their ability to manifest their potential or may have become distracted from their life path or soul purpose due to these energetic remnants. His understanding of Biophysics, the Holographic Theory, Acupuncture, as well as Energetic and Spiritual laws, make this healing system very comprehensive and inherently holistic in the true sense of the word.

To quote Peter Mandel: “On the level of the spiritual world, we humans, in our wholeness, are light-beings. We must and always will develop toward the absolute light, which we call God… In this process, we are accompanied by light on the outside and, if we allow it, by light as well on the inside.”

Please note that this healing system is quite complex. The colors of light used are first the spectral colors for more physical energetic adjustments, then the lighter more pastel soul-spirit colors for the emotional-mental spiritual aspects and then there are three shades of grey which resonate with the morphogenetic field which is our shared DNA information field. Grey is the “first light” out of which the spectrum of colors was born. Further we use crystals in clear, colored and black color made to Peter Mandel’s specifications by Svarovski in Austria. These crystals are cut in specific geometric patterns that access the holographic structure of the cells.

Once a year Peter Mandel teaches a “Week of Esogetics” (Esogetikwoche) in Germany, where he teaches the more esoteric principles of his work. I have participated in four of those weeks where Peter Mandel taught how to use the model of the Tree of Life.

When we look at the Tree of Life, there are spheres called the Sephiras arranged in three vertical pillars. The outer pillars contain dualistic Sephiras such as for example the spheres of Hesed (mercy) and Gevura (justice). Very simplistically speaking, we need to master our dualities in order to ignite the center of our Being. Peter Mandel says that we need to make the center channel crystalline. In other words we can call it making the center channel coherent or superconductive, since it is not crystalline as in solid crystal form, but in the energetic sense.

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