Healing Modalities

Cellular Harmonics is a healing modality developed by Ursula-Maria Hanrahan. It is based on the healing properties of gem elixirs, the laying on of stones and gems, flower essences, homeopathic formulas and alchemical preparations of gem elixirs, plants and herbs as well as guidance on nutritional support with supplements.

With this modality we are addressing cellular imbalances that are the result of interacting with our environment as well as stress and conflict in our lives, the cellular memory of traumas or negative imprinting from our present life, our past, childhood, past lives and DNA. The uniqueness of this modality is Ursula-Maria’s ability to receive information from the Universal Source of knowledge and to create what is called a sequence of remedies which is addressing a cellular imbalance in regards to the five elements. This can be compared to a sentence that the body understands. This modality also facilitates evolutionary and spiritual development of our life’s expression. The application ranges from any physical imbalances to emotional, mental and spiritual issues.