Kinesiology and Dowsing

This article provides information on research done by scientists and authors in the field of advanced physics, consciousness and Neurophysiology and is intended to give some explanation the new science of nonlinear dynamics, which is used in my healing practice by utilizing dowsing, distant healing and Kinesiology.

Dowsing is used in my sessions to access information not only for what exactly needs to be done in order to facilitate the most effective healing for my clients, but also the precise sequence of healing applications in the order of priority during a session and it is based on the same principle as Kinesiology. Again I would like to emphasize that I do not “heal” anyone, but facilitate the client’s own ability to heal themselves by utilizing what is suggested to be helpful. The Kinesiologic test, which usually uses the strength of the muscle of the arm, differentiates between what is life enhancing and what is harmful to the human body because the body is programmed for survival. A strong muscle means a positive or “yes” response and a weak muscle means a negative or “no” response. If you place a substance on the body which is life-force enhancing, and thereby ensuring the survival of the body, the muscle response will be positive or it gives a “yes” response via the pendulum, which is used for dowsing.

There are direct neurological connections between the limbic brain and the pathways that control our muscle tone and tension. It is because the part of the brain that controls our emotional and physical survival programmes also subconsciously sets the tone of our muscular system.
The study of Kinesiology shows that the mind “thinks” with the body. It is as if the kinesiologic test is bypassing the conscious mind to directly access information much like a computer that is connected to a huge database. What Jung called the collective unconscious, is called the database of consciousness by Dr. Hawkins: In his book “Power versus Force” Dr Hawkins proved that the kinesiologic test, which usually uses the strength of the muscle of the arm, not only differentiates between what is life enhancing and what is harmful to the human body, but also between truth and falsehood. Every thought, action, act, thing existing now or that has ever existed makes an “imprint” that registers in the totality of the fields of human consciousness. The database of consciousness contains the “records” of every such thing. Because these imprints have been “recorded,” their records are always available to be accessed and “viewed” through kinesiologic testing.

The human mind is like a computer terminal connected to a giant database because the brain is linked with a universal energy field. In the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot the holographic model of reality is explained. Neurophysiologist Karl Pribram discovered the holographic nature of the brain, which coincides with the holographic model of the universe as discovered at the same time by physicist David Bohm. The holographic theory explains the interconnectedness of subatomic events as well as the undivided wholeness of all things. It is expressed in the phenomenon whereby a flock of birds move in the sky with synchronistic movement. The old paradigm of linear Newtonian physics perceives the movement of the birds from the viewpoint of the law of cause and effect, as if one bird follows the other. The new understanding of non-linear science perceives those birds moving in unity by the power of what is called an attractor field, which correlates with Rupert Sheldrake’s research on morphogenetic fields.

We are beginning to understand forms of instant knowledge other than those achieved by rational thinking. It is fascinating to me that this new knowledge verifies what enlightened Teachers have been talking about for centuries: There is a matrix of Oneness within the manifest and un-manifest reality.
It is only in the recent decade that what Newtonian physics regarded as meaningless incoherent data or chaos has now been identified by the use of computers and advanced mathematics of nonlinear equations as coherent revealing the presence of attractor patterns. Those patterns are made visible in computer art known as fractals, which I am using on my Web site.

By understanding the implications of the holographic nature of the brain and reality we can start to understand how we can bypass the conscious mind and directly access the field of information, the giant database. We need to go beyond the old paradigm of cause and effect to embrace the new science of nonlinear dynamics. The old way of science is to start with the known and move to the unknown while nonlinear dynamics moves in the opposite direction.

There is a very good article titled “The Three Languages Of The Brain: Quantum, Reorganizational and Associative”. The author, Subhask C. Kak describes how the brain accesses different levels of the Mind according to the Vedic concept of Mind and those are: the physical world, the interface forces, the mental world, the mathematical world, Universal emotion and Self (transcendental) which also correlate to Dr. Hawkins attractor fields or levels of consciousness on his “Map of Consciousness ®”.

In the system of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) dowsing is the main method and the session always starts with a prayer to the “Father within” or God, which serves as a hook-up to the most potent attractor field or the higher levels of the Mind according to the Vedic concept. It is for this reason why prayer healing or faith healing works in ways that are often described as miraculous.

Dowsing needs therefore to be done with a clear intent and that is done by aligning with the source of love, which is God within or our Christ Self. This process bypasses the conscious mind and the more I am listening silently from within and thereby not coming from intellectual knowledge or the Ego, it is often interesting to watch that the information comes faster than the conscious mind can comprehend. The pendulum, which I use for dowsing, sometimes gives an answer before the question is completely verbalized as the brain has the ability to pick up thought waves instantly. This is due to the non-locality of consciousness and the holographic nature of reality, which is beyond time and space.

When we are in a silent state the coherent energy factor of the heart opens yet another function of the brain. The heart-brain connection has been researched and documented by Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of “The Biology of Trancendence” as well as by the Heart Math Institute and Dr. Glen Rein. For more information on this research please go to
I have come across some information on a research performed by physicist William L. Ditto that is using living neuron cells to build a biological computer. The story is published by Business Week Online at
Mr. Ditto is quoted saying that “We’re trying to create something that isn’t just 10 times faster than conventional computers, but billions of times faster, something that we can’t possibly reach with purely electronic computers,” Mr. Ditto also states that the nervous system is non-linear.

This means we have the very fastest computer available just by having a nervous system. In my own experience using dowsing to access information I literally feel the precision of the “supercomputer” which is my nervous system through the coherence of the heart plugging into the field of all information in regards to healing, which I often refer as “universal healing intelligence”. Buddhists call this field of information the “Land of Medicine Buddha”, where all medicines already exists and Edgar Cayce, the famous sleeping prophet accessed this field of information for healing by lowering his brain waved during trance, thereby also bypassing the conscious mind.

I learned to trust accessing the “universal healing intelligence” more than my conscious mind or information obtained by the so-called psychic sense. Seeing the results and the precision of correct information over and over again within many sessions for my clients as well as for myself I have become confident in using dowsing as my primary tool to access information.
I recommend the study of the books or articles mentioned in this article to those, who wish to deepen the understanding of nonlinear dynamics and the interrelatedness of consciousness and matter.

To find out more about further publications and the work of Dr. Hawkins go to
Also recommended are all books by physicist Fred Alan Wolf and the book “The Self-Aware Universe, how consciousness creates the material world” by Amit Goswami.