Faith Healing

Science Of Faith Healing

I will use the story of how I was able to develop my ability to access the Healing Current of Holy Spirit, which is the basis of Faith Healing. I had known about the possibility, but this became a reality for me after meeting a Medical Doctor with the name of Dr Nemeh who is also a faith healer using prayer and Holy Spirit (Ref1). He does say that his gift is the gift of faith and that God does the healing and that this is a science. I went to his Healing Service when he came to San Francisco in November 2011 and had a kinesthetic sense of the healing power of Holy Spirit. I was wondering how more people such as myself could tap into this gift. Contemplating the special electromagnetic energy that I felt when Dr Nemeh prayed, I asked the Universal Intelligence if there are remedies that could help me attune to a stronger connection to Holy Spirit and its healing gift as well as the faith that Dr Nemeh demonstrates. I got an answer, that yes, this attunement is possible with herbs. I do receive answers by dowsing and was initially shown three herbs, a little later a forth herb. The truth is that everyone is 100% connected to Holy Spirit and has the potential of the same gift. What my voice assessment does is to distinguish whether this truth is intellectual or an embodied truth that resonates within our cells and therefore becomes manifest or whether there is some subconscious belief blocking us to manifest the truth, which also shows up in the voice. By using those herbs I was able to transmute the effect of my subconscious blocks and my ability to invoke Holy Spirit through prayer increased. I was guided to infuse the healing current of Holy Spirit into water and drink it.

When I do this prayer for others and at the same time let Holy Spirit infuse water, I can clearly tell that Holy Spirit knows the person I am saying the prayer for much better than I possibly can. Everyone’s water has shown a different energy or light spectrum even though the same prayer was used. Some of my clients are clairvoyant and they could see different colors in my own water compared to their own. This clearly showed me the Intelligence inherent in Holy Spirit’s gift. I then was further guided to let Holy Spirit infuse oil, for which I was shown to make an oil combination with cobaiba oil, which is known for use in Christian anointing and sacraments and this oil has proven to be quite effective.

When I dowse for other people, who also want this attunement to Holy Spirit, I have noted that everyone’s combination of herbs is different. The herbs that are frequently chosen so far are: Valerian Root, Goldenseal and Dill Weed. This list will be updated once I have more data.
I further received guidance to dowse for a fifth herb, which brought me to attune my energy to be receiving grace directly from what I perceive to be God. This literally feels like a very fine mist coming down. This opened up my body according to my voice assessment to the regeneration current within my body. What I found interesting is that as soon as I was able to tap into this new current of grace both into water and oil, I was spontaneously going on a fast. My body literally was filled up and for several days I needed no food. The spontaneous fasting associated with contact of Holy Spirit is a known phenomenon and can lead to be able to “speaking in tongues”, which also happened to me recently during a healing session for a friend. I will eventually write more about this as I am aware that there is an evolution possible through this phenomenon, especially in our sense of taste and digestive system with the potential to live on inner light, where food consumption becomes optional. The rejuvenating effect of being able to live without food has been documented by an Australian author with the name of Jasmuheen (Ref2) as well as others. I certainly do not push myself into this state and do not teach this as practice, but simply note what happens when I spontaneously get into this state where I feel so filled, that my body simply does not want food.

The founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her book “Science And Health” about Holy Spirit as the real Science (Ref 3). In chapter 8 titled “Footsteps Of Truth” she encourages the reader to find out the eternal life given to us. She then writes that she has witnessed a woman age eighty-five regain her eyesight, another woman age ninety regrew teeth etc. Her basic teaching is to change one’s belief about who we are, that we were created in the image of God and God creates always in perfection. She also mentions that she is aware of the potential to live without food, but does not advise this as a practice.
When we look at the research of Bruce Lipton (Ref 4), who wrote the book “The Biology Of Belief”, faith healing makes sense. He did outline scientifically that our beliefs control our biology. Therefore if we tune into and believe in the eternal life given to us, the body has the potential to regenerate. My method here again is to voice assess how much this truth is embodied or if there is cellular memory blocking this current and then find a way to transmute the cellular memory that blocks this truth from becoming manifest.

I would like to add research that Dr Michael Buchele has presented in a meeting at the Foundation For Mind Being Research (FMBR) in October 2011 about an organizing molecule called Neuromelanin as well as Melanin in the body that acts like THE Organizing molecule (or nanoparticle) of the cell, acting as the ‘silicon chip’ of the cell’s interior milieu. According to a Medical Hypotheses, which Dr Buchele shared with us, Neuromelanin is found in the highest concentration in the Stem brain, a region of the brain, that functions as a “gate” or “filter” system for all sensory input, motivational and emotional input and output, as well as a region that provides conscious awareness in general. (Ref 5)

According to my voice assessment technique, I can assess whether or not Neuromelanin and Melanin in my body is under the control of the light of my soul or under control of cellular memory that is not helping the light of the soul. I strongly believe that faith healing activates the organizing function of both Neuromelanin and Melanin and is a very good explanation of how instantaneous healing through faith or Holy Spirit happens in the body. The more I work with Holy Spirit, my voice assessment shows a stronger percentage of Neuromelanin as well as Melanin function.

Sometimes I get asked why would I want the regeneration of my body, and do I want to live forever?
I believe that there is a Higher Will that determines how long we live with a physical body. I also would like to point out that both in Christianity as well as Buddhism there are reports of what is called “Attainment of Rainbow Body”, although in Christian language it is referred to as “Ascension”, where at the time of death the physical body simply disappears, which is said to be accompanied with the appearance of a Rainbow over the place where the body disappears, sometimes with the appearance of a heavenly scent or celestial music. (Ref 6) Researchers from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, who did some investigation into this phenomenon, did say that the qualities of those attaining Rainbow Body are the driving force of evolution such as compassion and conscience. My hope is that my work may be a contribution to the evolution of living with more spiritual light to the benefit of all

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