Spiritual Response Therapy

We were meant to live a life full of health, happiness, creativity, satisfaction and abundance. But how many of us live our lives to their full potential?

By becoming incarnate in this dimensional reality and through the veils of forgetfulness, the illusion of separation from Source was created. The resulting accumulated imprints of pain and trauma in our mental, emotional and other etheric bodies and DNA create the blocks to happiness, creativity, health and abundance in our lives.
SRT researches the subconscious mind and soul records (Akashic Records) to quickly find and release discordant, limiting ideas and beliefs as well as the cellular memory of past life traumas or imprints and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. This research reveals the cause of negative programs, belief systems and patterns and then, with the help of the Higher Self, the program or belief can be cleared. This research includes records of lifetimes in other dimensions, parallel lives, parallel universes and much more.

The tools used in this modality are a pendulum and over 30 charts. The pendulum is used as a magnifier of the impulses given by the Higher Self. The process as well as science of the dowsing and Kinesiology technique are explained in Ursula-Maria’s article titled “
Dowsing, Kinesiology And The Science of Nonlinear Dynamics.”
It is by studying SRT and also by teaching SRT in the past as a certified SRT teacher of the SRT Association, that Ursula-Maria has become very fluid and accurate in dowsing, which allows Ursula-Maria to access what one can call the universal source of information where the solution for the client is already present and ready to be accessed.

Ursula-Maria uses elements of SRT as part of her work and is not providing formal SRt sessions any longer. If you are looking for a consultant only for SRT sessions or SRT classes or for more information on SRT, please go to